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"The beautiful city of Merida is located in the northwestern part of the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico. It was founded in 1542 by Francisco de Montejo and built on the Maya city of T'ho which had been a center of Mayan culture and activity for centruries. Nowadays Merida - also know as the "White City" - is one of the most tranquil and safest cities in Mexico.

Its privileged geographical location, its history, the rich culture life and an authentic Mexican atmosphere make Merida a great place to lear Spanish.

With its 780,000 inhabitants Merida is a fascinating and cosmopolitan town which has a lot to offer. Merida hitorical downtown area mainly consists of beautiful colonial buildings which -especially around the main plaza- house museums, art galleries,restaurants, cafes, hotels, theatres and small shops. it is a vibrant culture place where free cultural events are held daily. The modern northern part of the city in contrast offers a comprehensive range of fancy shopping malls, top quality hotels, international restaurants, universities and leisure facilities. 

Because Merida is surrounded by so many spectacular attractions (both natural and cultural), it is the perfect starting point to explore the treasures of Yucatan. From the beautiful beaches of the relaxed town of Progreso to the world famous Mayan ruins Uxmal, Mayapan and Chichen Itza, the options close to Merida are numerous" 

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